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Routledge Asian Studies ebooks For orders use: "TaF June 2016"  and ISBN      
ISBN (eBook) Title (Full) Sub Title Authors List Price (UK institutional)
9780203069554 Japan's New Left Movements Legacies for Civil Society Ando, Takemasa|| £90.00
9780203069905 Risk and Securitization in Japan 1945-60 Williamson, Piers R.|| £90.00
9780203069929 Documentary, World History, and National Power in the PRC Global Rise in Chinese Eyes Mueller, Gotelind|| £90.00
9780203070451 Governing Insecurity in Japan The Domestic Discourse and Policy Response || £90.00
9780203095232 Explaining Railway Reform in China A Train of Property Rights Re-arrangements Yin-nor, Linda Tjia|| £95.00
9780203100103 Nationalism and Power Politics in Japan's Relations with China A Neoclassical Realist Interpretation Lai, Yew Meng|| £90.00
9780203362044 Language, Politics and Identity in Taiwan Naming China Chang, Hui-Ching |  Holt, Richard|| £90.00
9780203380086 Chinese Middle Classes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and China || £90.00
9780203481998 Asian Expansions The Historical Experiences of Polity Expansion in Asia || £90.00
9780203545942 Social Inequality in Japan   Shirahase, Sawako|| £90.00
9780203747551 Okinawan War Memory Transgenerational Trauma and the War Fiction of Medoruma Shun Ikeda, Kyle|| £90.00
9780203760550 E-Government in China Technology, Power and Local Government Reform Schlæger, Jesper|| £90.00
9780203762318 Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan   Kinsella, Sharon|| £85.00
9780203795316 State-Led Privatization in China The Politics of Economic Reform Zeng, Jin|| £90.00
9780203795453 Social Protest in Contemporary China, 2003-2010 Transitional Pains and Regime Legitimacy Tong, Yanqi |  Lei, Shaohua|| £95.00
9780203796856 Chinese Economists on Economic Reform – Collected Works of Ma Hong   Hong, Ma|| £95.00
9780203796900 Chinese Economists on Economic Reform – Collected Works of Wang Mengkui   Mengkui, Wang|| £95.00
9780203797150 Chinese Economists on Economic Reform – Collected Works of Lou Jiwei   Jiwei, Lou|| £95.00
9780203797204 Chinese Economists on Economic Reform – Collected Works of Yu Guangyuan   Guangyuan, Yu|| £95.00
9780203797433 Chinese Economists on Economic Reform – Collected Works of Chen Xiwen   Xiwen, Chen|| £95.00
9780203797594 Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan   || £99.99
9780203799208 The Politics of Controlling Organized Crime in Greater China   Lo, Sonny Shiu-Hing|| £95.00
9781315638874 Revolutionary Education in China Documents and Commentary Seybolt, Peter J.|| £110.00
9781315638959 On Socialist Democracy and the Chinese Legal System The Li Yizhe Debates || £99.00
9781315638980 Japan, Russia and their Territorial Dispute The Northern Delusion Brown, James D. J.|| £90.00
9781315642390 Democratization and Social Movements in South Korea Defiant Institutionalization Kim, Sun-Chul|| £90.00
9781315644868 Xinjiang - China’s Northwest Frontier   || £90.00
9781315660288 Animism in Southeast Asia   || £95.00
9781315666105 China–India Relations Cooperation and conflict || £95.00
9781315666167 The Geopolitics of Red Oil Constructing the China threat through energy security Campion, Andrew Stephen|| £95.00
9781315670904 Chinese Stories of Drug Addiction Beyond the Opium Dens Ramsay, Guy|| £90.00
9781315671116 Taiwan and The ‘China Impact’ Challenges and Opportunities || £95.00
9781315672298 Motherhood and Work in Contemporary Japan   Junko, Nishimura|| £40.00
9781315676142 Suicide in Twentieth-Century Japan   Di Marco, Francesca|| £90.00
9781315677637 Dams, Migration and Authoritarianism in China The Local State in Yunnan Habich, Sabrina|| £90.00
9781315678689 The Identity of Zhiqing The Lost Generation Wu, Weiyi |  Hong, Fan|| £45.00
9781315678849 Disability Policy in China Child and family experiences Shang, Xiaoyuan |  Fisher, Karen R.|| £90.00
9781315687728 The Empire of the East   Montgomery, H. B.|| £110.00
9781315688886 Living Issues in China   Hodgkin, Henry T.|| £99.00
9781315689166 Party Hegemony and Entrepreneurial Power in China Institutional Change in the Film and Music Industries Meyer-Clement, Elena|| £90.00
9781315689395 Japan's Border Issues Pitfalls and Prospects Iwashita, Akihiro|| £95.00
9781315690711 China-Taiwan Rapprochement The Political Economy of Cross-Straits Relations Chiang, Min-Hua|| £95.00
9781315691497 Out of the East Reveries and Studies in New Japan Hearn, Lafcadio|| £110.00
9781315691756 Japan To-day   Scherer, James A. B.|| £110.00
9781315692548 Reconstructing Adult Masculinities Part-time Work in Contemporary Japan Cook, Emma E.|| £90.00
9781315693057 China Fights for the World   Andersson, J. Gunnar|| £99.00
9781315693651 NGO Governance and Management in China   || £90.00
9781315695921 Femininity, Self-harm and Eating Disorders in Japan Navigating contradiction in narrative and visual culture Hansen, Gitte Marianne|| £85.00
9781315714509 China's Transition from Communism – New Perspectives   || £90.00
9781315715223 Examining Japan's Lost Decades   || £90.00
9781315719368 Chinese Politics in the Era of Xi Jinping Renaissance, Reform, or Retrogression? Lam, Willy Wo-Lap|| £85.00
9781315719405 Mao's Road to Power Revolutionary Writings: Volume VIII || £105.00
9781315719498 Paradoxes of Post-Mao Rural Reform Initial Steps toward a New Chinese Countryside, 1976-1981 Teiwes, Frederick C. |  Sun, Warren|| £90.00
9781315720289 Decision-Making Reform in Japan The DPJ’s Failed Attempt at a Politician-Led Government Zakowski, Karol|| £90.00
9781315722948 The Post-war Roots of Japanese Political Malaise   Gatu, Dagfinn|| £95.00
9781315735443 Asia Struggles with Democracy Evidence from Indonesia, Korea and Thailand Dore, Giovanna|| £90.00
9781315736556 Identity and Memory in Post-Soviet Central Asia Uzbekistan's Soviet Past Dadabaev, Timur|| £90.00
9781315738147 Tibetan Buddhism in Diaspora Cultural re-signification in practice and institutions Lopes, Ana|| £90.00
9781315738345 Civil-Military Relations in Chinese History From Ancient China to the Communist Takeover || £100.00
9781315740461 Digital Culture and Religion in Asia   Han, Sam |  Nasir, Kamaludeen Mohamed|| £90.00
9781315742007 Regional Risk and Security in Japan Whither the everyday Hook, Glenn D. |  Mason, Ra |  O'Shea, Paul|| £90.00
9781315745688 Japan: The Basics   Hood, Christopher P.|| £70.00
9781315756158 China's Assertive Nuclear Posture State Security in an Anarchic International Order Zhang, Baohui|| £100.00
9781315762111 Xinjiang and the Expansion of Chinese Communist Power Kashgar in the Early Twentieth Century Dillon, Michael|| £100.00
9781315765662 Place, Identity, and National Imagination in Post-war Taiwan   Chang, Bi-yu|| £90.00
9781315766287 Brunei – History, Islam, Society and Contemporary Issues   || £95.00
9781315767246 Daoism in Japan Chinese traditions and their influence on Japanese religious culture || £90.00
9781315769011 China's Power and Asian Security   || £95.00
9781315769035 New Dynamics in US-China Relations Contending for the Asia Pacific || £95.00
9781315769837 Nouveau-riche Nationalism and Multiculturalism in Korea A media narrative analysis Han, Gil-Soo|| £90.00
9781315770192 Worlding Multiculturalisms The Politics of Inter-Asian Dwelling || £90.00
9781315770475 Inside Xinjiang Space, Place and Power in China's Muslim Far Northwest || £100.00
9781315772059 Ozawa Ichiro and Japanese Politics Old Versus New Mulgan, Aurelia George|| £95.00
9781315772257 Comparatizing Taiwan   || £90.00
9781315772264 Sino-U.S. Energy Triangles Resource Diplomacy Under Hegemony || £95.00
9781315775289 Career Women in Contemporary Japan Pursuing Identities, Fashioning Lives Aronsson, Anne Stefanie|| £90.00
9781315776163 Labour Market Deregulation in Japan and Italy Worker Protection under Neoliberal Globalisation Watanabe, Hiroaki Richard|| £90.00
9781315776262 Disease, Religion and Healing in Asia Collaborations and Collisions || £90.00
9781315794921 Party Politics in Japan Political Chaos and Stalemate in the 21st Century || £90.00
9781315796246 Asian Perspectives on Animal Ethics Rethinking the Nonhuman || £90.00
9781315797731 Neighborhood Associations and Local Governance in Japan   Pekkanen, Robert J. |  Tsujinaka, Yutaka  |  Yamamoto, Hidehiro|| £95.00
9781315797953 Political Changes in Taiwan Under Ma Ying-jeou Partisan Conflict, Policy Choices, External Constraints and Security Challenges || £90.00
9781315798325 Border Crossing in Greater China Production, Community and Identity || £90.00
9781315813066 Coal-Mining Women in Japan Heavy Burdens Burton, W. Donald|| £100.00
9781315814841 The Heart of Japan (Routledge Revivals) Glimpses of Life and Nature Far From the Travellers' Track in the Land of the Rising Sun Clarence Ludlow, Brownell|| £110.00
9781315815435 Japan's Ainu Minority in Tokyo Diasporic Indigeneity and Urban Politics Watson, Mark K.|| £90.00
9781315815657 China Entering the Xi Jinping Era   || £100.00
9781315817477 Hong Kong’s Governance Under Chinese Sovereignty The Failure of the State-Business Alliance after 1997 Fong, Brian C. H.|| £100.00
9781315818764 Defence Planning and Uncertainty Preparing for the Next Asia-Pacific War Frühling, Stephan|| £95.00
9781315818801 Internationalising Japan Discourse and Practice || £95.00
9781315818979 Ito Hirobumi – Japan's First Prime Minister and Father of the Meiji Constitution   Kazuhiro, Takii|| £95.00
9781315819167 A New Development Model and China's Future   Yingtao, Deng|| £95.00
9781315851488 Japan's Relations with North Korea and the Recalibration of Risk   Mason, Ra|| £90.00
9781315857596 China's Leftover Women Late Marriage among Professional Women and its Consequences To, Sandy|| £95.00
9781315857626 Globalization and Public Sector Reform in China   || £95.00
9781315869742 Rural Policy Implementation in Contemporary China New Socialist Countryside Ahlers, Anna|| £90.00
9781315870977 The China Model and Global Political Economy Comparison, Impact, and Interaction Wan, Ming|| £90.00
9781315871189 The Great Transformation of Japanese Capitalism   || £90.00
9781315871530 Christian Values in Communist China   Wielander, Gerda|| £95.00
9781315883304 Clouds above the Hill A Historical Novel of the Russo-Japanese War, Volume 4 Ryotaro, Shiba|| £50.00
9781315883502 Clouds above the Hill A Historical Novel of the Russo-Japanese War, Volume 3 Ryotaro, Shiba|| £50.00
9781315884608 The Changing Policy-Making Process in Greater China Case research from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong || £100.00
9781315884615 Japan’s Civil-Military Diplomacy The Banks of the Rubicon Yasutomo, Dennis T.|| £90.00
9781315887203 Islam in Modern Thailand Faith, Philanthropy and Politics Brown, Rajeswary Ampalavanar|| £90.00
9781315887579 Managing Social Change and Social Policy in Greater China Welfare Regimes in Transition || £95.00
9781315889757 Japan’s Household Registration System and Citizenship Koseki, Identification and Documentation || £90.00
9781315890104 Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights in Asia   Hanlon, Robert J.|| £90.00
9781317816171 Patriotism in East Asia   || £90.00